Electrical design, wiring and Electrification
Our teams of Electrical Engineers are well experienced engineers with many years of experience in Domestic, Industrial wiring and Electrical Planning, Design and Implementation. We also engage in supply of all kinds of electrical equipment for our clients. We are experts in power audit analysis

Earth and Lightning Protection Systems
Transients are the most potentially damaging power disturbances in a power distribution network. Transients are sudden high peak events that raise the voltage and/or current levels in either a positive or a negative direction.
Transients are caused by:

  1. Lightning strike.

  2. Poor grounding.

  3. The switching of inductive/capacitive loads.

  4. Utility fault clearing.

  5.  Electro static discharge (ESD).

Lightning is a dangerous weather phenomenon that could cause over a billion of dollars of damage to Electrical, Electronics and Communication equipment within a building if not protected. Lightning can have the following effects on the building structure viz:

  1. Heat, fire and structural damage from instant vaporization of trapped moisture (e.g. explosions from concretes)

  2. Description: C:\Users\ABU CASSIDY\Documents\Cassidy folder - backedup\BITRATE\bitrate branding\earthing1.jpgHigh voltage and high current surges along conductors over long distances.

  3. High voltage and high current surges along    ground over short distances.

  4. A strike hitting individual could cause serious injuries or even death

  5. Earth current transients, atmospheric transient and bound charge which could cause Arcs.

Our lightning protection solution is capable of arresting any form of thunder and lightning discharges, thereby keeping your structure and equipment therein in safe-mode.
Our solution is based on the INDELEC PREVECTRON R2-MODEL, which comes in different categories based on the radius of coverage of the Prevectron unit, which is a function of the sensitivity of the equipment under protection and the length and height of the building


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