Broadband Wireless Solutions

We provide broadband wireless, LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi Solutions and hotspots for higher institutions and other clients utilizing high quality products with industry leading technologies and specialize in high speed internet access, VoIP, data network extensions.

The key customers are Telecom / Internet service providers, IT companies, Academic Institutions, Banks, Call Centers, Health Care sectors who can get immense advantage in terms of higher productivity and quality through our services. 

Wireless Radio link Supply and Installation:

- This include Microwave/RF Wireless Radio Network design for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint networks

- Two-Way VHF radio Supply and Installation

- VSAT supply, Installation and Maintenance

Alignment & Commissioning of link head

LOS (Line of Sight Survey)

Our Engineers prior to MW Installation also do Line Of Sight survey between the two sites. The following are the equipment used by our surveyors to complete the process successfully:


- Binoculars

- Altimeter

- Compass

- Digital Camera

- Topographic maps

The surveyors need to reach the site A where the survey has to be conducted and looks towards Site B for the Line Of Sight with the help of above said equipment. All the obstruction which are observed in the path are recorded and applied in to the Path loss to determine the height with reference to AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level) of MW antenna and Azimuth to be installed to get the LOS cleared.
MW Antenna Installation

- The mounting accessories of the MW antennae will be inspected and the mounting arrangements will be organized for the required orientation.

- The antennae, the wave-guide locks, flexible wave guides will be fixed with due care taken to ensure reliable and proper RF connections.

- The outdoor radio unit & antenna support arms are finally fixed.

- Alignment of Antennae of the link will be done to achieve the required receiving signal level.